Best Restaurants in Dhaka

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First Top 05 Best Restaurants in Dhaka City

1. Izumi Japanese Kitchen

Izumi Japanese Kitchen

Izumi Japanese kitchen is the best Japanese Restaurant in Dhaka. It is a Japanese restaurant with a fantastic ambiance and interior. Here you can find every Japanese item and delicious food menu. It offers only signature Japanese cuisine to the customers. Their food quality is excellent and cleanness also too much good. Izumi Japanese restaurant is a costly Restaurant. It is a Japanese restaurant in Bangladesh. The Restaurant is located in Gulshan.

Address: House no: 88, 24C Rd No 113/A, Dhaka 1212. The Izumi Japanese kitchen’s opening hours at 12-2 PM and 6 -10 PM. They have a contact number, 01933-446677.

2. Lucknow Dhaka

Lucknow Dhaka Restaurants

Lucknow Dhaka is an Indian restaurant. In this Restaurant, you can find every type of Indian food with delicious taste. It is one of the best Restaurants for Indian cuisine in Bangladesh. The Restaurant’s environment is also excellent. Specially, their Kabab and Biriyani items are very delicious to eat. Their chicken Tengri Kabab is a trendy item. Lucknow Dhaka restaurant is located in Hotel Sweet Dream.

Address: E 60 Kemal Ataturk Avenue, Dhaka 1213. Lucknow Dhaka restaurant is open every day from 12:30-10:00 PM. They have the best food, called traditional Indian food. They served north Indian food.

3. Grandiose Restaurant

Grandiose Restaurant

Grandiose Restaurant is located in Dhaka Regency Hotel And Resort. Address: Level 6, Tongi Diversion Rd, Dhaka 1229, Dhaka Regency Hotel & Resort. They are so strict about their health issue. Here reservation is required, Mask is needed, and they check the temperature also. This is a good restaurant. They serve delicious food items at any time of the day. They offer delightful decor and delicious cuisine at a very reasonable price. Their staffs are accommodating and friendly. The covering area of this Restaurant is 8500 square feet. The Grandiose Restaurant is the nation’s largest multi-cuisine 5-star class restaurant. The opening hours of this Restaurant is at 6:30-10:30 PM.

4. Star Kabab & Restaurant

Star Kabab and Restaurant

Star Kabab and Restaurant is a very well-known and reputed Restaurant in Bangladesh. There are hardly any people in this country who never listen to this restaurant name. Everything is best here. Star Kabab & Restaurant’s opening hours at 6:30 AM-11 PM. Address: House-15, Rd no. 17, Block- C, Dhaka 1213. Star Kabab and Restaurant have 11 branches in Dhaka. The main branch of this Restaurant is located in Dhanmondi. Star Kabab & Restaurant is one of the popular Restaurants in Dhaka. This Restaurant is very well known for its reasonable price.

5. Istanbul Restaurant Dhaka

Istanbul Restaurant Dhaka

Many people all over the world think that Turkish food is the best food all over the world. In this Restaurant you can feel you are in Turkey now. The Restaurant serves many delicious food items. Everyone likes to eat in this Restaurant. The Iskandar Kebab and Mixed Meze are known as their star dishes. It is located in Gulshan 2.

Address: House-10, Road-53, Gulshan Circle-2, Top of Weavers Level-6 Dhaka, 1212. This Restaurant opens at 11 AM and closes at 11 PM.

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Second Top 05 Best Restaurants in Dhaka City

6. Amrit Restaurant

Amrit Restaurant Dhaka

Amrit Restaurant is also an Indian restaurant in Bangladesh. It is the best option for those who love to eat Indian food. The behavior of the staff of this Restaurant is very polite. Their services are excellent. The restaurant authority takes much protection against Covid-19 to save their guests. Chicken Tikka Masala with Tawa Roti is the best-selling item in this Restaurant. The Restaurant is located in Hotel Sarina Dhaka.

Address: 21 Rd No 17, Dhaka 1212. The opening hours of this Restaurant is 5:30-11 PM. On Thursday, it opens from 5:30 PM to 12 AM, and Friday from 12 AM–12 PM, 5:30–11 PM.

7. Sajna Restaurant

Sajna Restaurant

Sajna Restaurant is an Indian restaurant located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is one of the best Indian Restaurants in Dhaka. It is a well-decorated restaurant. They serve only Indian cuisine. Although the price of their food is high, the quality of the food is good. Their unique item is Dosa and for this Dosa they are trendy. The Restaurant is located in Banani.

Address: House 14 Rd No. 11, Dhaka 1213. The opening hours of this Restaurant is 12:30-3:30 PM and 6-10:30 PM.

8. Sultans Dine

Sultans Dine Dhaka

Sultans Dine is a trendy and well-known Restaurant in Bangladesh. It has many branches. The main branch of this Restaurant is located in Dhanmondi. Address: Green Akshay Plaza, 1st Floor, Satmasjid Road 146/G (Old), 59 (New, Dhaka 1209. Due to its popularity the Restaurant is always crowded. They are mainly famous for their Kacchi Biriyani and Borhani. Sultans dines opening hour is from 12-4:30 PM, 6-9:30 PM.

9. Thai Chai Restaurant & Cafe

Thai Chai Restaurant and Cafe

Thai Chai Restaurant and Cafe is a Thai restaurant in Bangladesh. Here you easily find Thai dishes. The taste of their food is good enough. The Restaurant is located in Bijoy Sarani. Address: Bijay Sarani Rangs Bhaban, Level 7, 117/A, Puraton Biman Bondor Sarak, Dhaka 1216. Its opening hour is from 12-11:30 PM. Here you can easily arrange a marriage program because this Restaurant has enough space for organizing any programs. Its environment is perfect. Their staff is amiable and co-operative.

10. Latest Recipe

Le Meridian Latest Recipe Restaurant Dhaka

The Latest Recipe restaurant is located inside Le Meridian Hotel Dhaka. Address: Le Méridien Dhaka 79/A Commercial Area Dhaka, 1229. Their seating arrangement is excellent and spacious. Their food is also delicious. It’s called the best buffet restaurant in Dhaka. The variety of this Restaurant is impressive and there is always something new to eat. Their security is also good. The restaurant staff is amicable and broad-minded. The team always wears masks for the safety of their customers.

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Conclusion About the Best Restaurant in Dhaka City

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