Best Camping Places in Bangladesh

Best Camping Places in Bangladesh – Top 10 Camping Places

How people came to know about the best camping places in Bangladesh? In the past, the term camping was unknown to Bangladeshi people. So they didn’t know the details about the best camping places in Bangladesh. But nowadays the term camping has developed a soul connection of Bengali wanderlust.

Camping is a popular way to spend leisure time. The very nature of the word camping involves the feeling of spending time. Staying overnight in a tent in the natural environment with the sounds of unknown animals fills the mind with a strange calmness. The word adventure is closely associated with camping. The moments of spending a night in the natural environment away from the city’s mechanization will give you the resources to stay alive in the days to come. Winter is the best time for camping.

But finding a camping spot is the most difficult task. Actually, people can do camping anywhere as his or her choice. But still there are some places those environment is considered ideal for camping. For example – Char, river bank, sea shore, dense forest or the area around the bill. Now let’s know about some popular places for camping in Bangladesh.

First 5 Best Camping Places in Bangladesh

1. Saint Martin Island

The most desired destination for Bangladeshi travelers is Saint Martin, Cherad Island. You will never know when you will lose yourself in the nature when you hear the sound of blue water splashing on the coral rocks of the beach. And if it is a full moon night, then there is no question. This Saint Martin Island is 100% safe for camping.

2. Nijhum Island

This island is basically a char rising in the Bay of Bengal. People call this Nijhum island deer sanctuary. They also call it second mangrove. The best time for camping in this place is between October to April. So if you are a true nature lover then the charm of nature will attract you towards it.

3. Monpura Island

If you want to see sunrise and sunset like Kuakata then Manpura Island is perfect for you. It is known as isolated land of Bhola district. This island is surrounded by rivers and seas. The island has Deer Sanctuary, Manpura Landing Station and Chowdhury Project.

4. The Base Camp Bangladesh

The Base Camp Bangladesh is the first outdoor activity camp in Bangladesh. It is located at Rajendrapur in Gazipur district near Dhaka. There are a variety of outdoor activities and overnight stays in tents, as well as campfires and barbeque parties. Although there is a certain amount of money to pay for it. It is the country’s first private camp. The authority dedicate it to outdoor activities in a natural environment.

5. Sonadia Island

The majority of those who have visited Cox’s Bazar have set foot on Maheshkhali Island. However, only a small number of travelers may have had the opportunity to visit Sonadia Island. People call this island Lal Kakra Island. This uninhabited island is truly an ideal place for camping. Camping at Sonadia Island is an exciting experience.

Second 5 Best Camping Places In Bangladesh

1. Rema Kalenga National Park

Forest camping is like a dream for camping crazy travelers. The real adventure is in the jungle. Rema Kalenga is considered as a little diamond in the coal. After the Sundarbans, this Rema Kalenga National Forest is the largest natural forest in the country. This forest is full of biodiversity.

2. Mohamaya Lake

This place is located in Mir Sarai, Chittagong. It is an artificial lake. One of the reasons for keeping it in the list is its short distance from Dhaka and low cost. You will not find any traveler who has not heard the name of this lake. Anyone can do camp here by paying the mentioned fee to the lake authority.

3. Chor Kukri Mukri

This char kukri mukri is located at the mouth of river Meghna, 120 km from Bhola district town. It is known as one of the largest wildlife sanctuaries in Bangladesh. One can enjoy the wonderful view of sunrise and sunset from this char. This char is located in a very quiet and clean environment. The beach of Cox’s Bazar or Kuakata can be found at Balur Dhoom in this char. Winter is the perfect time for camping here.

4. Inani Beach, Cox’s Bazar

Inani Beach is the best place to camp around Cox’s Bazar. Jaubon, fishing village and big waves of the sea attract people to this beach. Here you can camp safely near Jhowbon. Apart from this, camping can be done along the entire Marine Drive. However, due to the law and order situation and the Rohingya issue, camping on Marine Drive is somewhat risky.

5. Thanchi Bandarban

Those who want to camp in secluded hills or near waterfalls can go to Thanchi Upazila in Bandarban district. Thanchi has many places like Remakri, Tindu, Nafakhum where travelers go for trekking and camping in groups. There are many suitable places on the banks of the Remakri Canal where you can go for camping. However, if you want to camp in the hills, you have to take permission from the local police and army. Besides, there is a rule to have a local guide with you.

Last Words

For nature lovers, camping is a unique way to get closer to nature. All the beauty of nature can be enjoyed through this camping. People are now becoming mindless dull from the mechanics of brick, wood, stone. So there is no alternative to take the fresh air of the evergreen nature to refresh the mind. The peace of mind is nowhere else. There is no substitute for camping to keep fresh and enjoy the adventure. If you want to know more like this visit