NID Card Download Online Copy

NID card is a necessary thing in daily life. As the country develops, the necessity of NID card increasing day by day. Bangladesh Election Commission EC provides the NID card to the Bangladeshi citizen. Election Commission has been digitalized in the year of 2019.

Every year, EC provides NID card to the many people of Bangladesh. Bangladesh Election Commission has an online platform from where the citizens can download their national ID NID card online copy by using the voter slip number.

According to the rules of EC when they registration for the new voter then the authority give a slip number to them. By using that slip number next time a voter can download the voter ID card through online.

The full meaning of NID is National ID Card. NID card bears the proves that you are a real citizen of Bangladesh. As a Bangladeshi citizen at the age of 18 years old then you get the right to vote and get your NID card. You will be able to download NID card online copy from the official website of election commission. In this article we will discuss all the process of NID card online copy download BD.

NID Card Online Copy Download BD in 2024

NID card is an essential element of the daily life. Nowadays the uses of NID card is in every sector. Now the NID card online copy download is very easy because of the digitalization of our country. After applying the voter registration, a slip number is provided to the applicants.

You can download the NID card online copy from the official website of election commission by using the slip number. The official website of EC is Now the NID card is required in all sectors of government and non-government job. In one word the importance of NID card is immense.

What is NID Card Online Copy?

At the age of 18 years old of a citizen his or her name appears in the voter list. But it is not possible to give NID Card as soon as the name is included in the voter list. But before getting the smart card, people need it for many purposes. For this reason, an online copy of the smart card is given to the server before it is ready to hand. And the citizen can download the NID card online copy from the official website of Election Commission EC and use it. 

Conditions for getting NID card

  • You must be a citizen of Bangladesh.
  • You must be of 18 years or more than 18 years old.

How to Download NID Card Online Copy in 2024?

There is an easy process to download the NID card. By following this rule you can download your NID card very easily. So let’s start:

  • At first enter to the official website of EC
  • Then click on the NID online service left.
  • Entered the slip number that you get after voter registration.
  • Fill up your birthdate and captcha.
  • Now submit and download your voter ID card online copy.
nid card online copy download

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Smart Card Download

At present, you can download the NID card or smart card totally free from online. Smart card online copy download is an easy process. Anyone can download the smart copy of NID card by giving the correct information.

Importance of NID Card

There are many uses of NID card. NID card is the identity card of a citizen. It shows the validity of your citizenship. If you go for a job interview they ask for NID card. Also, NID card need at the time of marriage, to vote, to make a passport, to open a bank account, for land did and so on. In fact NID card is needed for all types of work of a citizen. Nothing is thinkable without NID Card at present.


After reading our article we hope that you are able to fully understand how to download NID card from online. We share here all the process of download the online copy of NID card. Still you have any question please leave a comment. We will answer you as early as possible.

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