Saudi Arabia Job Visa From Bangladesh In 2023

Saudi Arabia Job Visa

We will discuss work permit in Saudi Arabia Job Visa from Bangladesh. In fact at this moment, what kind of job offers are available in Saudi Arabia from Bangladesh, how much amounts you get a salary, how much money can be spent, how many days the visas are given on …

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Malaysia Calling Visa 2023 For Bangladeshi People

Malaysia Calling Visa Bangladesh

Malaysia calling visa 2023 started as soon as the EID holiday was over. Now there is no obstacle for workers to go from Bangladesh. The attestation has arrived and submitted to the ministry for recruitment approval. 52 thousand people will go in the first phase through 25 agencies. Visa validity …

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NID Card Online Copy Download BD 2023 – www.nidw.gov.bd

NID Card Download Online Copy

NID card is a necessary thing in daily life. As the country develops, the necessity of NID card increasing day by day. Bangladesh Election Commission EC provides the NID card to the Bangladeshi citizen. Election Commission has been digitalized in the year of 2019. Every year, EC provides NID card …

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Langya Henipavirus (LayV): Caution, Safety and Treatment

Langya Henipavirus (layv)

No sooner has the coronavirus pandemic gone, another new virus has emerged in eastern China. It is an animal-borne virus. This animal-borne virus is called Langya Henipavirus abbreviated as Layv virus. Langya virus has so far been detected in 35 people in China’s Shandong and Henan provinces. What is Langya …

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Best Camping Places in Bangladesh – Top 10 Camping Places

Best Camping Places in Bangladesh

How people came to know about the best camping places in Bangladesh? In the past, the term camping was unknown to Bangladeshi people. So they didn’t know the details about the best camping places in Bangladesh. But nowadays the term camping has developed a soul connection of Bengali wanderlust. Camping …

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