Saudi Arabia Job Visa

Saudi Arabia Job Visa From Bangladesh In 2023

We will discuss work permit in Saudi Arabia Job Visa from Bangladesh. In fact at this moment, what kind of job offers are available in Saudi Arabia from Bangladesh, how much amounts you get a salary, how much money can be spent, how many days the visas are given on contract, and how many days you can get the visa. Saudi Arabia has been operating a work permit visa from Bangladesh for a long time and their works are ongoing.

So those of you who want to go to Saudi Arabia from Bangladesh can go however you want. There are many recruiting or manpower agencies established in Bangladesh for new job demand or demand letter in various professions. You can also take the opportunity to work in Saudi Arabia with a valid work permit visa through good agencies.

Work Types of Saudi Arabia Job Visa From Bangladesh

In Saudi Arabia, there is an urgent recruitment of employees in various famous companies with attractive salary and benefits. Saudi Arabia is hiring workers as cleaners of Madina Haji Camp, hospital market, mosque madrasa, police station and other office cleaners.There are many job opportunities for construction as skilled and unskilled workers, helpers for various jobs.

The fields are Mason, Plumber, Electrician, Welder, AC Mechanic, Painter, Carpenter, Tiler, Company Driver (Desi license will work), Trolley Man and Pharmacy Worker, Coffee Shop and Bakery Boy, Petrol Pump Cleaner, Tissue Factory Worker, Restaurant Boy, Car wash etc.


Job Visa Processing Time from Bangladesh

Visa processing time for recruitment of manpower from Bangladesh in Saudi Arabia is 30 days. Visa validity is 2 years and can be extended after 2 years. Akama will carry the company. Basic salary of workers can be 800-1000 Rials. In addition other benefits such as 200 Riyals for food, accommodation, transport, medical fees, overtime and other benefits will be provided as per Saudi government laws.

Saudi Arabia Job Visa 2023 Necessary Documents

The documents required for going to Saudi Arabia job visa from Bangladesh are 10 copies of color passport size photo, original passport with at least 2 years validity, GAMCA medical fitness certificate, police clearance, certificate, biodata.

However, police clearance and medical for Saudi should be done at your own expense. Then the processing time will take 15-20 working days. Manpower clearance will be done after the visa. After that, passengers will have to undergo government training in 3 days. An important thing is that before the flight, the negative report of corona test should be taken. Then the flight will be from Dhaka.

Salary Scale of Saudi Arabia Job Visa for Bangladeshi People

There are some supply companies. You should always avoid these supply companies. The cost of hiring manpower as a cleaner is generally fixed at 250000 to 300,000 BDT. 3 to 4.5 lakh BDT is fixed for the recruitment of staff in various shopping malls. In addition, the fixed cost for hiring workers in some factories is and 2.5 to 4 lakh BDT. It should be noted that the salary in factory jobs is relatively high according to the type of work.


Saudi eVisa Official Site: Click Here.

Salary is high in construction site and many people from Bangladesh go to Saudi Arabia to work in this site. But the thing that you should pay attention to in this site is that your body must have the ability to withstand the sun. Because the level of sun in Saudi Arabia is very high. The salary range on this site starts from 800 Rials and increases in various fields. And the salary of those who take the trade starts from 1200 Rials to 1500 Rials depending on the company for Saudi Arabia Job Visa.


Bangladeshi manpower is more inclined towards getting job visa in Saudi Arabia because it hires manpower with full confidence. Unlike other countries, there is no problem of suffering people. And the companies who hire do their duty with utmost honesty.