Padma Bridge Toll Rates

Padma Bridge Toll Rate: The Padma is one of the largest bridges in Bangladesh and the world’s 122nd. There is hardly seen any bridge like Padma bridge. It’s the emotion of Bangladeshi people. People have accepted many sacrifices for the Bridge.

If you want to know the details of this Bridge and toll rate, please stay with us. It is a multipurpose railroad bridge. It is constructed over the Padma river. The Bridge has a four-lane highway and a single-track railway for the train below the four-lane highway. The Bridge is beautifully decorated.

The Padma Bridge Toll Rate 2024

The Padma Toll Rate: If you want to know the Padma bridge toll rate details, here it is for you. Different types of vehicles pay different amounts of toll. You can find Motorcycle, Car, Jeep, Truck, Pickup, Microbus, and all vehicle toll details here. Please look at the picture below to know better.

  • Motorcycle – Tk100
  • Car/Jeep – Tk750
  • Pickup – Tk1,200
  • Microbus – Tk1,300
  • Minibus – Tk1,400
  • Medium bus – Tk2,000
  • Big bus – Tk2,400
  • Truck (up to 5 tonnes) – Tk1,600
  • Truck (5-8 tonnes) – Tk2,100
  • Truck (3 axle) – Tk5,500
  • Trailer (4 axle) – Tk6,000
  • Trailer (above 4 axle) – Tk6,000+
Padma Bridge Toll Rate

If you want more details about this bridge toll rate, please visit this link: Padma Bridge Details.

Padma Bridge Official Toll Rate

Padma Bridge Official Toll Rate

Padma Bridge Construction Details

This Bridge is built on the 2nd fast-flowing river in the world. A new chapter has begun in the communication system through the Padma Bridge. The Bridge is made of two-tiered concrete and steel. The name of the project is Padma Multipurpose Bridge Project. The length of this Bridge is 6.15km, and the width of the Bridge is 21.1m. There are 41 spans in the basins of the Padma, Brahmaputra, and Meghna rivers, with lengths and widths of 8.150m and 18.10m, respectively.

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Most importantly, Bangladesh has gained a new identity in the court of the world because of the construction of the Padma Bridge. The construction of this Bridge has cost 30193,39,00,000 TK. The workforce for the project is 4000. The height of the Bridge from the water level is 60 feet. The piling depth of this Bridge is 363 feet.

The number of pillars of this Bridge is 42, and 8 piling for each pillar. The Padma bridge contains electricity, gas, and optical fiber lines. The company name for the construction of this bridge Project is China Major Bridge Engineering Company, and the designing company name is AECOM.

Pride of Bangladesh Padma Bridge

This article will teach how Padma Bridge has become the country’s pride. The Bridge connects three districts of Bangladesh. First, the construction of the Bridge has improved the communication system over time. It was inaugurated on 25 June 2022 with glory. It was inaugurated by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and many other Bangladeshi top politicians.

Facility Of Padma Bridge

The construction of this Bridge has saved a lot of people’s time. The Padma bridge toll rate will also play an essential role in economic development. Due to the ease of communication, it has become possible to market raw vegetables in less time from remote places, and as a result, poor farmers are getting their fair prices. As a result of the construction of this Bridge, the travel time from Dhaka to Kolkata has been reduced to two hours. Second, for the Bridge, the country is benefiting economically.

Wrap Words

Because of the construction of this Bridge, people from different parts of the country can market their products quickly and in less time and get a fair price. As a result, they are becoming productive and contributing to economic development. It has made the communication system easier by connecting the southern part of the country.