Koyar Bottola Ecopark Indra

Koyar Bottola Ecopark Indra Bagharpara Jashore (Tourist Place)

Koyar Bottola Ecopark is a tourist place situated at the Indra Bagharpara Jashore. Currently it is very popular in the nearby area. Mainly this place is created around a Banyan tree. This beautiful place is created naturally. This place popularity increasing day by day. In this post we have bring up all the information of Koyar Bottola Ecopark. So if you are interested read the complete article for essential information.

Koyar Bottola Ecopark Indra Bagharpara Jashore

Koyar Bottola is one of the popular tourist place of Jashore district. Many people come here to spend their leisure time. A large number of people gather here specially in holidays and other occasions. People can come here very easily from all the neighboring district of Jashore city. The transport communication system of this place is good enough.

Some other tourist places in Jessore district are Jess Garden Park, Chanchra Shiva Temple, Michael Madhusudan Dutta Memorial House, Jashore Collectorate Park, Binodia Family Park, Pouro Park Jashore, Godkhali Flower Garden, Jhapa Baor and many more.

Scenery of Koyar Bottola Ecopark

Everyone loves natural beauty. Koyar Bottola place is created by the natural beauty. The natural beauty of Koyar Bottola is described below:

The Banyan tree around which the Koyar Bottola is built is surrounded by a large paddy fields. Also there are greene paddy fields on both sides to the entrance of the Koyar Bottola. It is an eye-catching scenery. Also there are many things of pleasure giving for children. Such as Dolna, Boat, Nagardola, Charki etc. A lot of toy shops will be found here. Various types of toys are found here that are liked by children.

There are also fast food items shop and other food shops. There are several shops of everyone’s favorite Fuchka and Chatpati and the taste of those are very delicious. Also there are some good restaurants here. Among them Blue Lover Cafe and Cafe Babor is mentionable. Almost all kinds of foods that the tourists like can be found here. So you can include this place (Koyar Bottola Ecopark) to your holidays tour list.

How to go Koyar Bottola from Jashore neighboring districts?

People can go to Koyar Bottola Ecopark very easily from all the neighboring district of Jashore. The neighboring districts of Jashore are Magura, Narail, Jhenaidah, Chuadanga etc. Below we talk about how to go to Koyar Bottola from any other district:

At first You have to come to Bagharpara Upazila from any district city by bus or other vehicles. Then after very short time you can reach from Bagharpara to Koyar Bottola by van, easy-bike or autorickshaw.


Travel makes a man polite and intelligent. So everyone should travel in their leisure time. Koyar Bottola has a official Facebook Page. However if you have any other questions about Koyar Bottola Ecopark then let us know through comments. We will answer you very soon.