Today's Gold Rate in Malaysia

Today’s Gold Rate in Malaysia 916, 999, 21k, 22k, 24k Per Gram and Vori is mentioned on our website. If you want to keep knowledge about the gold prices of Malaysia check out our full article. As gold is an attractive ornament, many people are attracted to gold and want to buy gold from Malaysia. There are hardly any people in this world who do not like gold. But for buying gold, it is essential to have some basic knowledge about gold. Various websites provide daily updates about gold, our website is one of them.

From here, you can know all the details about today’s gold rate in Malaysia, 999 gold price in Malaysia, 24k gold price in Malaysia, 1 gram gold price in Malaysia, gold price per gram in Malaysia, 916 gold price in Malaysia, etc.

Today’s Gold Rate in Malaysia

The price of gold is not always the same. Gold rate in Malaysia ups and downs regularly. However, those who want to buy gold, they should check Malaysia gold rate daily. Ringgit is the name of Malaysian currency. The demand of 22-carat gold is more in Malaysia. This 22-carat gold is traded on a large scale. Ten carats, 18 carats, 21 carats, and 24-carat gold are also sold in large quantities. For your convenience, today’s gold rate in Malaysia is presented as carat, gram and vori.

Today Gold Rate in Malaysia Chart Per Gram Price:

  • 24k (999) Gold 1 gram price in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) is 343.87
  • 22k (916) Gold 1 gram price in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) is 315.30
  • 21k Gold 1 gram price in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) is 267.61
  • 18k Gold 1 gram price in Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) is 247.90

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Precautions While Buying Gold From Malaysia

Gold is a precious metal, so be careful when you buy gold. As well as be careful while buying gold from Malaysia. As precautionary measure, you must take a memo from the gold shop after purchasing gold. Gold rates in Malaysia are cheaper than in any other country. For this reason, everyone wants to buy gold from Malaysia.

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If you buy gold without a memo, you can get detained at the Malaysian airport. So keep this memo very carefully with you. Otherwise, you may face the same problem at Bangladesh airport. The following precautions should be taken while buying gold. Malaysian gold is very pure, but there are some dishonest traders everywhere. So be very careful when purchasing gold from Malaysia.

Why Should You Buy Gold From Malaysia?

Malaysia is a developed country. That’s why all the ultra modern things are available here. Like that, different types of modern design of gold ornaments is found almost all the gold shop in Malaysia. You can buy both ready-made or ordered gold ornaments. Also, Malaysian government fixed little taxes on gold. So you can buy any kind of gold from Malaysia on a cheaper rate than other country.

The Famous Gold Shop in Malaysia

There are some famous gold shops in Malaysia. Gold prices in Malaysia can be found in these shops. Among them, Hanif Market and Little India Market in Kuala Lumpur are notable. Expatriate brothers and sisters buy most of their gold from these markets as these markets provide good quality gold. The price is also relatively low.

Gold ornaments with eye-catching designs are available in this market. Hanif Bazar gold price is 285 Ringgit per gram, and Little India Bazar gold price is 286 Ringgit per gram. Apart from Hanif Market and Little India Market, there are many other good places to buy gold in Malaysia.


Gold rates in Malaysia fluctuate at different times. Gold is a necessary and precious metal. It is also known as a beautifier. It is also a symbol of honor. Gold Medals are awarded in recognition of the work of various eminent person worldwide. People have been using gold for ages, either as jewelry or as gifts.

The Gold is also a way to impress someone. Gold items are preferred as gifts. This is why people are more attracted to gold. And people are more interested in buying pure gold. You must be careful while buying gold. Stay with us to get all the latest news. If you like and benefit from reading our content then stay tuned.