Hazrahati Sammiloni College

Today we will know details about Hazrahati Sammiloni College. Such as how the college was established, in which year and who contributed to the establishment of the college etc. Besides, we will also know how many students are currently studying in the college, in which year Hazrahati Sammiloni College got into MPO list and more information. Before that we will know about the importance of educational institution.

Educational Institution is like a lamp of Aladin to a nation. Because education is the backbone of a nation. The teachers are working hard in the institution to make student’s bright future. The importance of an educational institution is immense to make students a better human being. There is no time and age limitation of education. Prophet Mohammad (SW) says- “acquire knowledge from birth into death.” So after gaining primary and secondary education nobody should stop their study.

Higher education is very important to keep up with recent universe. In this sector college education plays an important role. College education give us knowledge as well as power and prepare us to face the challenges in our daily life. It helps us to make choice of our career. Students can do whatever according to their aim. A degree of a college education will become helpful to your next workplace.

Hazrahati Sammiloni College

Hazrahati Sammiloni College is situated at Magura District, Shalikha Upazila, Hazrahati Union. The college was established in 2013. The environment of this college is completely natural and appropriate for education. This college has a big playground. The college is covering with greenery environment. This college is included into MPO list in 6th July 2021.

It is included into Jashore Shikkha Board. The EIIN number of this college is 136767. To contact with this college they have a mobile number and the number is 01711147319. Anyone can ask about the information of this college by using the number. This college situated in village environment. And its land is plain.

The constituency number of this college is 92. 13 teachers are teaching in this college. In the year of 2021 the average presence of the students were 136. Among them 131 students were passed and 6 students got A+. The pass rate was 4.4% in that year. The position of this college is 359 in Jashore Shikkha Board and 2575 at national level.

It can be seen by checking the previous history that the student’s average presence, pass rate and A+ rate are increasing gradually. We can understand from this the teacher’s teaching method is very well. For this reason, this college achieving reputation day by day.

Hazrahati Sammiloni College Information At a Glance

  1. College Name: Hazrahati Sammiloni College.
  2. Principal: Md Jahurul Islam.
  3. Level: Higher Secondary.
  4. Zilla: Magura.
  5. Division: Khulna.
  6. Thana: Shalikha.
  7. Post Office: Hazrahati.
  8. Post Code: 7620.
  9. EIIN No: 136767.
  10. Phone No: 01711147319.
  11. MPO Status: Yes.
  12. Area: Rural.
  13. Geography: Plain Land.
  14. Established: 2013.
  15. Version: Bangla.
  16. Shift: Day.
  17. Constituency Number: 92.
  18. Board: Jashore.
  19. Facebook Page: Click Here.

Hazrahati College

As the Hazrahati Sammiloni College is a new college, so it needs more maintenance. There are huge advantages that the college haven’t got yet. The authority hope that if this college get those opportunity it will become a famous college. Recently, MD Jahurul Islam Sabuj is working as the principal of Hazrahati Sammiloni College. His contribution is unspeakable to establish this college.

Also there are 13 teachers who are working hard to manage the college by helping the principal. Hazrahati Sammiloni College is a famous college at Magura district,Shalikha Upazila,Hazrahati village. This college has gained this honor after many obstacles. We hope that Hazrahati College will maintain their fame in the next.

Last Words

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