Best FF Player In World

Best FF Player In World 2023 – Free Fire Top 05 Player List

Currently, Free Fire is a well known and popular mobile game. The popularity of free fire is very high, specially in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, that means the Asian continent. But free fire players are not as famous or known as PUBG Mobile players. Today we will know about the list of best ff player in world 2023.

However, it is wrong to think that free fire players have less knowledge, skill, strategy, and smartness than PUBG players. Many people search that who is the best among free fire players? Through this article, we will know about the top 05 free fire players in the world.

Free Fire Top 05 Player List – Best FF Player In World 2023

01. Sultan Proslo

Sultan Proslo is one of the most popular YouTubers and free fire gamers. He is now one of the Best FF Player In the World. Sultan Proslo is an Indonesian server player. His points are 250891 and he belongs to Heroic Tier. Sultan Proslo YouTube channel is called Dyland Pros with 16.1 million subscribers and his guild name is NESC-IND.

02. Raistar

Raistar is an Indian free fire gamer, and he is a very fast-paced player. The exciting thing is that many people mistake him for a hacker because of his fast speed. Raistar is also called the headshot boss because of his headshot rate of 63 percent. His speed and perfect headshot make him one of the best ff player in the world.

03. Sk Sabir

Sk Sabir is a brilliant Indian Free Fire player. His main goal is to win the game and get Booyah. He focuses on how to win the game instead of killing his opponent. Sk Sabir is a visionary free fire player. In season 10, his points was 11703. The guild that Sk Sabir is associated with is Boss Group Guild. He has reached the Heroic Tier of Free Fire games many times.

04. Sudeep Sarkar

Sudeep Sarkar is also an Indian Free Fire player. He is a top level player in the free fire game. He has made it to the top five free-fire gamers list with his skills. Sudeep Sarkar has a YouTube channel called Gyan Gaming with 14.8 million subscribers.

He was among the 22% players in the world in Season 12. Sudeep Sarkar is a famous gamer. He uploads his gameplay videos on his YouTube channel. Doing much hard work, he has got the chance of the list of best ff player in the world.

05. TSG Jash

TSG Jash is one of the best and skilled ff player in world. He has a squad called the TSG squad. He is an adept player in all formats Single, Duo, or Squad. In season 12, TSG Jash was in Heroic Tier and scoring 3354. Last year, Free Fire invited two teams from the Asian continent, TSG Squad being one of them. His YouTube channel is named Two Side Gamers and has 12.3 million subscribers.

Top 05 Free Fire Player

At A Glance Details Of Free Fire Games

Free Fire or Garena Free Fire is a Battle Royal mobile game. It was developed by a Vietnamese game company called 111dots studio. Android and Apple users can play Free Fire on their devices. Free fire is a multiplayer game. This game was released on 23 August 2017 and gained worldwide popularity in 2019.

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Free Fire FF Games Details

Name of Games:Garena Free Fire.
Developed By:Vietnamese Game Company – 111dots Studio.
Game Type:Battle Royale.
Release Date:23 August 2017.
App Type:Android, IOS.
Official Website:
Download Link For Android:Download Now.
Download Link For Apple:Download Now.

Top 10 Best FF Player In India 2023

Above we know about the top five (05) free-fire players in the world or best ff player in world. Now the question may come to mind: Who are the best free-fire players in India? So now we will know about the top 10 Indian free-fire players.

  • Raistar
  • TSG Ritik
  • SK Sabir
  • Ind Gamer
  • Pahadi Gamer
  • Badege 99
  • B2K
  • M8N
  • Vincenzo
  • NTR Nobita

Getting a place in the list of best ff player in world is not easy. Only those with intelligence, knowledge, foresight etc can become the best free-fire player. But it is not correct to say that he can be the best player of Free Fire only if he has the above qualities. To be the best player, there is a lot of effort. Only then is it possible to become the best ff player in the world.

Last Words About Best FF Player In World

In Conclusion, we can say that free fire is a famous battle royal mobile game. The popularity of free-fire games is gradually increasing. Free Fire game is available on both Play Store and App Store. But we must be careful that it does not become addictive to children.

We play this game only as a means of entertainment. Also, if you have any questions about this game or the best player of the game, please let us know through comments. We will try to answer your questions as soon as possible.